Recruiting Millennials in the Mobile and Social Age: ZippyApp Founder and CEO Presents at the 2015 FSTEC Conference

ZippyApp Founder & CEO, Kamyar Faron, presents at the 2015 FSTEC conference in Washington, D.C. on Recruiting Millennials in the Mobile and Social Age. 

Sunnyvale, CA, October 13th 2015 – ZippyApp Founder and CEO, Kamyar Faron, presented at the 2015 FSTEC conference in Washington D.C. on Recruiting Millennials in the Mobile and Social Age. FSTEC is an annual technology conference , and is the only one of its kind focused solely on the foodservice industry.

“The presentation was well attended with great audience participation. It was clearly a topic of interest. Many participants visited our booth for more details and further discussions on the topic. There was a lot of enthusiasm from restaurant owners and operators on the innovative technology ZippyApp offers,” stated Faron.

Hosting over 1,400 Executives, FSTEC offers a forum-like setting for new ideas and solutions for foodservice technology issues.

Which is where Faron and ZippyApp step in.

Hourly recruiting and hiring practices have changed drastically over the last decade, yet hourly employers are still working with decade-old practices – like paper applicants and traditional applicant tracking systems.

Since millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2020, hourly employers need to be ready with a recruiting and hiring strategy to engage these workers.

“The workforce of today and tomorrow is highly engaged on mobile devices and social channels, and efficiency and connectivity are required at all stages of the job search,” explains Faron during the presentation.

ZippyApp faces millennial recruiting and hiring issues head-on by posting to popular local jobs boards and targeting jobs on social media offering maximum exposure and one-stop advertising. ZippyApp’s unique QR Code Application System allows job seekers to simply scan a barcode and apply to jobs straight from their mobile device.

About ZippyApp: A true innovation in the hourly job market, ZippyApp is the social, local, and mobile recruiting and hiring solution for the hourly job market. ZippyApp fits into any recruitment budget so organizations have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this innovative approach to staffing. For more information, visit:

ZippyApp Receives Record Reception at 2015 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference.

ZippyApp’s complete suite of social, local, and mobile recruiting solutions for the hourly job market was a major success at the 2015 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Sunnyvale, CA, May 19, 2015 – ZippyApp, the marketplace for hourly job seekers and employers, announced today that it had a record number of exhibit traffic at the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference held in April in Las Vegas, NV. The conference is attended by successful franchisees looking for new franchise opportunities as well as solutions to improve the operations of their existing franchise units. The event is primarily attended by QSRs and other food-related concepts, however, there were participants from other non-food related concepts as well.

“We are thrilled by the reception we received at the conference and the enthusiasm of the franchisees in experiencing the innovations offered by ZippyApp. Franchisees were excited to hear about the well thought-out solution and were delighted by the cost effectiveness of ZippyApp. A significant majority of visitors were ready to engage at the show and most went live with ZippyApp immediately following the conference,” stated ZippyApp Founder and CEO Kamyar Faron. “Participants particularly appreciated how ZippyApp addresses their unique recruiting challenges, which are always missing from on-boarding and workforce management solutions,” added Faron.

About ZippyApp: A true innovation in the hourly job market, ZippyApp provides social, local, and mobile solutions for 24/7 recruiting and hiring. ZippyApp is raising the bar in recruiting and hiring by setting the gold standard for local staffing with their efficient, effective, and effortless system. ZippyApp fits into any recruitment budget so organizations have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this innovative approach to staffing. For more information, visit

ZippyApp to Attend The Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas, April 8-10th

The 15th annual Multi-Unit Franchising Conference (MUFC) is just a week away and we are busy at the office getting ready! The MUFC is a unique event as it is highly influenced by the very best in multi-unit franchisees. The purpose of the show is for franchisees to learn how to grow their business, and this year’s theme Shaping the Future is designed to help franchisees identify ideas, take action, and build growth.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Build topline sales in your individual locations
  • Access and develop the talent needed to grow your business
  • Determine how to grow: Is it through new brands, locations, markets, or acquisition?
  • Access the right capital to put your growth plans in place

So where do we fit in? Our Social, Local, and Mobile recruiting and hiring platform is a fresh take on old hiring processes. Traditional hiring methods do not work for localized franchisees — particularly those in the restaurant and service industries. Each franchisee location experiences varying hiring needs at any given time. Turnover rates are extremely high, sometimes averaging over 120%.

Our platform is specifically designed to address the recruiting and hiring needs of these franchisees. With our unique QR Code Apply System and Common Employment Application, job seekers simply create one application and use it to apply to jobs — straight from any mobile device. Our Organization PagesHiring Portals, and Applicant Management System are designed to meet the needs of even the busiest hiring managers.

Are you ready to go Social, Local, and Mobile in your recruiting and hiring? Stop by our booth #210 to learn more. To incentive you even further, one lucky visitor will win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, and a year of free service! If you won’t be attending the show, you can contact our Help team at

Why attend the 2015 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference? MUFC Chairman Robert Branca explains: